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Video review For Front End only


what’s up everybody welcome back to the

Durban compound on the off chance that you haven’t met me

as of now my name is Devon Durban and

we’re around here in the shop today on the off chance that you

could guess by the depiction we’re

going to do an audit on the topside

creeper one of my preferred devices to utilize

it is incredibly helpful when you’re

expecting to get over a motor inlet and

you would prefer not to sit over the

motor or sit over the radiator

we will do is we’re going to

get the f-350 here in almost no time

I are very brave to do on it so

we’re going to utilize the topside creeper

what I’ll likewise do is presumably audit my

snap-on it’s be the snap-on device

truck it’s fundamentally an a similar thing as

a topside creeper yet it holds instruments I

might abound in another survey of that if

you haven’t had a voyage through the shop you

can click here in the upper right

hand corner the shop visit you can go

watch that I take all of you around the

shop so on the off chance that you can you could likely

see it in the video right now you just

presumably in outline a tad however you

can see the wheels hanging above me the

just a single thing that I have awful to state

about the topside creeper is that it

doesn’t crease up close as much as you’d

need it to so I believe that I think the

front feet overlay up a smidgen and it

sort of breaks into pieces yet it’s such an agony

in the butt to dismantle and return

together as I would like to think that everything I do is

drape it from the roof so I’m going to

bring it down from the roof

we should turn over to that I’ll show you

how I have it mounted alright so essentially

I simply have an a one-eighth inch link

that is nylon wrapped and it holds up my

holds up the topside creeper and the

snap-on instrument truck above me here so what

I’m going to do is descend move

everything endlessly underneath it with the goal that we

can bring this down to the floor

so one thing I used to do was keep this

keep these two things on the floor and

they just they occupied a lot of room if

at the point when we get it down I’ll quantify the

impression of it and you can check whether it’s

indeed, even plausible for you to do that too for

you to have one in your shop I’ll

see about dismantling it and see what

it how it creases up I’ve actually never

collapsed it up it generally appeared such

an agony we should feel free to take this

thing down

everything I did was is take a little shackle

with a screw out end on it what this

enables me to do is circle it around the

apparatus carp and afterward back through the

topside creeper everything I did was put a

mounting eyelet in the real crossbar

of this so one thing that sort of smells

at the point when you have link like this is it

needs to on the off chance that you don’t put a load on

the end you’ll wind up losing it up top

as a result of the heaviness of the nylon lash

on the opposite side so what I do is simply

snare it to my little end table here

at the point when it’s not being utilized

put the shackle around one of the bars

on it and that just holds my holds my

link down alright so how about we pull this so

okay so this is the this is the instrument

remain from a blue point or snap on

same darn thing we’ll go over this later

I needed to put a little expansion piece I

needed to weld up an expansion tube here

since it turned out poorly enough for the

f-350 so this thing is sweet holds 75

pounds goes all over and you can see

how tall it goes so quite cool instrument to

have particularly working up in the motor

cove of f-350 we’ll go over that later

alright so the result of my of my audit

here how about we ensure this is in outline

OK so since we have the top

side creeper down from the roof gracious I

will tell you precisely the best way to how to overlay

it down I’m as I would see it doesn’t

overlay down as much as it ought to and I

additionally believe that it’s sort of an agony in

the butt to crease down in light of

how it’s structured truly not an arrangement


I don’t crease it up I simply put it in the

roof and leave it the manner in which it is

give me a chance to get a measuring tape here and I’ll

show you precisely how enormous the impression

is on this

okay the impression is directly at about

33 inches this side here measures

at around 30 inches so around 33 creeps by

by 56 inches so very nearly 6 foot

just about 3 foot by 6 or 3 foot by 5 foot

sorry so 3 foot by 5 foot square is the thing that

sort of land this thing takes up

so how about we feel free to tell you the best way to

the most effective method to overlay it I truly don’t care to

in any case, that is only one of the highlights of

it so essentially you can tilt it on its

back certain individuals will contend that there’s

a simpler method to do it yet this is the

most ideal way I found so you tilt it on its

back here and you’re going to take these

sticks around here on the legs they just

slide out there are a portion of these

you haul it out turn it down for the

pins they’re really ace lock pins

alright haul those out fundamentally simply pull

down here so overlap like that now you can

stand it back up and fundamentally it just

sits like that in the collapsed up position

so does that mean it takes up

significantly less measure of room with

the legs collapsed up yet it’s as yet a

giant to have a cushion all over the place

in the event that this collapsed down if the top piece

collapsed down it would be much more pleasant however

I mean for what it’s value you know whether

you have the space for this current there’s no

there’s no issue for it and I have the

space for this thing so it truly doesn’t

matter to me so how about we feel free to tip

it back on its back the thing I do about

this thing it is hearty we truly know

you’ll need to stress over this thing

bowing or selling or anything like that

it’s a hearty unit so there are no

segments there in that division put

my legs down okay so one of the

things that has this has this flexible

bar here that you can move into

various inclines in case you’re on the off chance that you need

to work further down or additionally up it’s

simple to simply bring it back the stairs

turn out or this stairwell goes up

pretty effectively there’s these

spring-stacked pins that turn out and you

simply pull it turn and afterward you can put

your stairs up here as high as we should see

here as high as this so it’s stature here

it’s essentially how about we see precisely what

the tallness is so the stature of this and

it’s tallest point is 63 crawls at the

top of the fundamentally at this house


63 inches so now let me show you the

strength of it since it truly

doesn’t’s it’s unquestionably truly

vigorous you can be such a distance out here

on the end and incredibly tough and this

is as far as possible up so a developed man can lay

over here and not be stressed over it

work down in the motor inlet like this

likely looks idiotic however better believe it okay

so it is a hearty unit I’ve never

had never had an issue where I felt like

I wasn’t on a durable stage or I

wasn’t utilizing a quality instrument this present thing’s

quite truly heavy the locking casters

help a great deal now and then I wish that the

casters on the opposite end are we’re

locking to the main issue that I think

that architects the motivation behind why they

didn’t put the locking casters on the

front is on the grounds that regularly those are up

underneath the vehicle however the thing is

at the point when you’re up on it the footing on

these back wheels doesn’t keep it bolted

set up

so what I might want to have the option to do is

lock the front wheels slide it up

underneath the vehicle at that point walk the

back wheels give you a smidgen more

steadiness currently is it a distinct advantage no

it’s not it’s an it isn’t so much that huge an arrangement

it’s simply some genuine critical piece of this

you realize survey so usability we went

over you realize how to overlap it up it’s

extremely simple to take the little

spring-stacked things out so you can go

here and there with it and I think I

typically use it here perhaps it might be a

step higher for the left 350 the in here

like this

to the extent strength this thing is extraordinary

possibly a little side bending however for the

configuration it’s incredibly hefty so there’s


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