InstantAgency OTO – InstantAgency OTOs 1,2,3,4 Links Special discount Early bird

InstantAgency OTO

InstantAgency OTO – There Is One Front End And Four OTOs .All Links And Details Bellow

InstantAgency FE=>>InstantAgency FE

OTO1 PRO Version Unlimited=>>InstantAgency OTO1

OTO2 DFY CashCow=>>InstantAgency OTO2

OTO3 EzyAgency App=>>InstantAgency OTO3

OTO4 Reseller Access=>>InstantAgency OTO4

OTO1 :PRO Version

-Get Unlimited business lead Search
-Send Message to Clients
-10 DFY Niche Agency Templates (Social Media Management, Graphic Design, Video Creation, Copywriting and -Content Creation, Website Development and Design, SEO Agency, App Development, Creative Writing, PR Agency, Logo Design)
100+ SEO Tools:

-We have more than 50 SEO Tools to keep track your SEO issues and help to improve the visibility of a website in search engines. It also helps to optimize web content by analyzing content for keywords, on-site links and other SEO considerations.

-Irresistible DFY Email Swipes to market the services of these 10 niches( Mobile, PPC, SEO, Social Media Management):

-DFY High Response Emails: Copy, paste, and send the exact emails that get over 60% of people say yes after just one email. All of my email subject lines.The exact emails I use to get 60% response rates.My killer secret marketing strategies. How to stay ethical and legal with cold emailing.

OTO 2: InstantAgency  Done-for-you Cashcow

-Here We’ll do all the dirty work for them by creating a full blown agency websites for the 10 hot-in-demand niches with their details (brand name, logo, about us, contact us, payment details etc). We set everything up and hand over to them a ready to profit agency websites

OTO 3: EzyAgency App

Full Blown Agency Suite – Accept Orders, Payment & Deliver Services

OTO 4: InstantAgency Reseller Access –

Now you can  use our website and marketing materials to promote InstantAgency and bank 100% profit.

What Is InstantAgency OTO

See The Demo

its Brand New App That Finds ‘Unlimited Local Business Leads That DESPERATELY NEED YOUR HELP In 3 Easy Steps Without Paid Ads, Builds COMPLETE Agency Site In Multiple Niches And Solves REAL Business Problems in FEW Clicks..

InstantAgency is a New Software which Finds UNLIMITED LOCAL BUSINESS LEADS
That DESPERATELY NEED YOUR HELP In three  Easy Steps Without Paid Ads Plus Stunning Agency Site Builder.

Search Lead
Generate Local Report
Contact & Close Deal
Here’s What You Get Inside InstantAgency

Local Business Leads Finder
Find business leads (name, physical address, email addresses, phone numbers, website & ratings) in any area you want (our system does the heavy lifting)

1-Click Email Contact Business Leads
InstantAgency will find the email addresses of local client leads and allow you to email them from right inside the app with your own custom-made templates.

SEO Audit Tool To Analyze Your Clients Website and Generate Report In 1 Click:
It helps to identify your SEO mistakes and optimize your web page contents for a better search engine ranking. It also offers side-by-side SEO comparisons with your competitors. Analysis report also be downloaded as PDF file for offline usage.

How the SEO Audit Works:
Enter The Client Website URL & Let The Software Analyze The Client’s Website issues And Download A PDF Report Of Exactly How You Can Help Them Optimized Their Website For Better Ranking. Offer Services like SEO Ranking, Mobile Optimization, Video Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Website Design.

In one click, see where your leads need marketing help the most. View data like if the lead is using video marketing, if they have SSL integrated, using WordPress, mobile friendly. Plus, view how much traffic their site is getting, any social networks they’re set-up on, website load speed, and way more.

Campaign To Manage Lead Opportunities
Ability to Create/Manage/Delete Campaigns by selecting the prospects you want. Keep track of solid opportunities you find.Add any lead to your Campaign to manage them and reachout to them with your services later using our Site Audit Tool & DFY email campaigns.

Create Highly Customizable, Professional Agency Site In Minutes With DFY Agency Templates In 10 Niches:
Now SEO Agency, Video Creation, Social Media Management, Graphic Design, Copywriting and Content Creation, Website Development and Design, App Development, Creative Writing, PR Agency, Logo Design. We give them dfy agency websites without them having to host or install anything. User can use our subdomain or their own domain for the agency site.

Send UNLIMITED Email To Your Clients:
You can SEND MESSAGES in 1-Click Email Contacts with Custom Templates. Agencify will find the email addresses of local client leads and allow you to email them from right inside the app with your own custom-made templates

Built-in Client Calendar:
Keep detailed track of when projects are due, And meetings with new leads, and more which can all be done with the built-in calendar system.

For More OTos: Click Here


Video Review For Front End Only



hey guys welcome to Easton agency demo
video instant agency is a cloud-based
app that boots and a profitable agency
sites find local business needs and
solve real business problems in few
kicks now let me show you our instance
agency walks in minutes firstly you need
to do is to log in to assess instance
agency once you enter your email and
your password you click on the login
button we takes you to the dashboard on
a dashboard we can see some stats here
we should the traffic the traffic coming
to your agency sites he total emissions
and the total leads that you’ve acquired
and here’s an Eastern agency so the very
first thing you want to do on this
platform is to go to that lead such this
is actually where you will cover
thousands of local businesses that you
can offer services to this software
actually tell you the kind of services
you can offer to them like it diagnose
their business and tell you the problem
they’re having and how you can also
prefer the solutions to them so now you
just need to enter a keyword ei you can
enter any keyword of any local
businesses so just let’s say want to go
with plumbot and click on plumber’ or
type it today then come to location now
you can type the location in case you
want to that maybe you want to target
people your local county can just enter
the address date so in this case I will
enter California so can you see that
click on California USA then the
kilometer out the distance between where
you are right now and where you want to
reach this kind so you can just enter
the videos where maybe five ten so to
stay in there then click on the search
button it’s as simple as that
uncovering thousands of leads in just
one click
okay as you can see this local
businesses in this area California as
you can see the name the business name
the address the website phone number now
look at this this person doesn’t have a
website so you can offer a website
services for them so not just that alone
so the next thing you come to this place
and select local business leads that
actually ask EMU because we don’t want
you to do any code calling it’s up to
you you can decide to call them but then
we ask done for you templates emails
that you cannot just send to this local
businesses and get them as your clients
so now we’re you have to select us evil
and once you do with us just click on
the search button so once you filter
with email it will only show leads that
are email address as you can see the
emails are there and you can see their
ratings this one has five over five is
from four point six over fire we show
they’re doing good so you have access to
the business name that address their
websites their phone number and also
there are email address and you can see
if they are open for business
or did closed for business so now once
you go through this thousands of leads
all you have to do to add them to your
campaign is to click on this plus button
and it asked to campaign meaning you
want to walk with these clients so if I
click on the plus okay you can see ad
campaign successfully so it means this
leads have been added to our campaign so
I can decide to add these other ones you
click on it it adds the campaign it’s at
the lead so our campaign as well so from
the campaign manually you cannot walk on
this point so the first thing to do is
to go to campaign so once you click on
company you’re going to see all the
leads that you’ve added to your campaign
you can see the last two which I just
added taste to businesses and once you
come to this side now
you can walk with them can decide to
delete them you can decide to send them
email and you can decide to copy the URL
so that you can diagnose their website
and see what they are having issues with
that way you can know if the website is
now fully optimized if they know how
they are metatags issues you can dictate
all the issues they are having on their
site using a staunch agency as well so
first and if you want to send them an
email to offer these services it’s just
a simple click once you click on send
email it brings out a pop-up where you
can select the templates from our dome
for you once you select the templates
enter the subjects and then once you
select the templates automatically if
using the subject our message body and
once that is done you can just click on
submit it sends the Miller to the
clients automatically so that’s also how
to message your clients without live in
instant agency and not just that alone
you have to diagnose their website force
to know the kind of services they will
need so you can just click on the copy
URL and once you copy the URL you come
to SEO audit tools then you click on SEO
tools SEO audit so it brings you to this
page so you can just paste the website
just right click on click on pace you
can see the website is pasted
automatically and you click on the
review bottom in one click Eastern
agency is going to analyze SEO issues of
this websites so you know the kind of
services to offer this business so it
still loading as you can see so now once
it’s done with the audition you can see
the Oh issues the websites is avin as
you can see past 60 percents arrows 40
percent to improve each day so you can
scroll down to see what to work on and
what to improve you can see the SEO
parts you can see is ability here
directly from you
see the lanes – it’s to Caracas with
your website as a favicon custom error
404 page can you see that does it is
peach if the speed is very slow then you
see like s and speed is slow so you can
optimize their websites for them and
charge them for website optimization to
improve the speed of their website a lot
of plugins that can do that and you can
as well as such other services on Fiverr
you click on mobile you see if the site
is mobile-friendly as you can see
although this page is not
mobile-friendly so your mobile-friendly
square is 0 by Aundre so you can decide
to build the mobile sites for them as
well technologies ok so you can go on
and on and on social media you can check
if they have social media presence as
you can see it 0 you can decide to offer
a social media management service so
this business as well and add them girls
customers to their business traffic rank
no global rank you can see so at the end
of the day provides you full details
about the website and then you can
either download it as a PDF click on
download report be able to download this
all reports in PDF which you can send
alongside your emu when you are sending
message under the campaign so once
you’re done with the SEO or dating now
another thing a customer can ask you is
that do you have a website so instant
agency come with age exercise builder
that allows you to build your own agency
sites and minutes all you have to do is
also click on the create websites so
click on create websites you give your
website a name then the sub domain if
you want to use pistol engine C sub
domain that is your name dot
intelligence about coal so you make use
of this option but if you have your own
domain name that you want to link
directly you want to point to your
agency sites then you can just type it
say maybe W double dots VK media just
calm but we don’t have that you can just
make use of the website so just put in
your website and in the
want to use became India and
automatically did you have a website
called VK media tops Eastern Agency
that’s cool now once you do with that
the next thing you want to do is to
select any of the templates available
here so click on desolating please the
next thing is to click on the submit
button upload your logo the end of the
day you fill in all this section once
you’re done you click on the submit
button and by doing that your website is
being created for you automatically is
as simple as ABC so let’s view the
website I’ve been created before now
these are example of websites so let me
just view it so you can see so now
there’s an example of a template as you
can see so you can view this type of
website as well so another feature I’m
going to talk about is a task now on the
past you can add any local business
tasks you are working on currently into
a calendar so if you click on View
calendar you see the number of days that
we are they now this beautiful calendar
allow you to allocate days and time so
look how businesses you want to render
services to so you know the days you
occupied and it is G of 3 all you have
to do is just to come to the calendar
and then you can add a task can add
attacks from me enter the tax type to
the privacy then description they start
states the end dates and once you’re
doing you click on the submit button now
you can advertise from the campaign
section we click on the campaign come to
this side you can see add a task if you
add a task it’s automatically fill in
the clients details you can see the
clients name address phone number their
email address and then the details
description privacy start dates and the
end dates of the project and click on
submit has also added tasks so it’s a
simple as ABC thank you for watchin

InstantAgency OTO

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