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Geminii OTO OTO1,OTO 2, OTO3, OTO4, OTO5 you well get One Front End and five Geminii OTO Options . Geminii OTO links with discount Belllow . Created by Jono Armestrong.

It Is Mandatory to Get Front End Before Any OTO,
Can Get Any 1 or More OTOs Directly From Below If Already Got FE!

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Geminii OTO Details

Geminii OTO


OTO1:Geminii Pro

Get Unlimited Everything – While the FE is limited to 2 squeeze pages and only 3 features of the email toolbox, with this upgrade you get access to an additional four squeeze page templates plus ALL the features of the toolbox including:
– its Clickable giff videos inside your emails
– Personalized images for you
– Self interacting elements like “Yes / No” buttons
– User feedback satisfaction buttons
– Q ANd A’s
– Polls
– Social media buttons
– Google Map graphics

And many more features that will increase your clicks and sales

OTO2 :Geminii Advanced Traffic Training

Jono will show you how to get insane traffic from google adwords using the google display network and gmail ads… It’s like getting into peoples email inboxes without even having an auto-responder

OTO3:DFY Campaigns

x7 “Proven” high converting campaigns from Jono’s personal campaigns collection that collectively made over $50,000. These campaigns include:
– tHE Email Swipes
– The Bonus Pages + Bonuses
– The Review Videos

OTO4 :High Ticket DFY Funnel + Limitless Traffic

HUGE value once again here. you get direct access to jonos adwords audience by placing pixels on his sales pages for the next 365 days. It doesn’t stop there…. They also get access to jonos personal ads library plus access to jonos personal Auto-webinar funnel (complete with emails, follow up emails and retargeting). Simply use Jono’s ads, to send to jonos audience and cash in ($880/sale) from the penny clicks.

OTO5 :Resellers License + Developers License

Combined developers rights to the software AND resell rights. With developers rights, users can train their own VA to access their apps and take charge of their campaigns. Buyers of this up-sell also get to sell Geminii as if it was their own product and take away 100% commissions on the WHOLE funnel.

Geminii OTO

What is Geminii ?

The Demo


Geminii has been created to provide HUGE value on the front end and will give any newbie access to the three  most important tools that EVERYONE needs when they start their online business. These 3 essential tools are also included in the ONE TIME ONLY price that would otherwise cost you individual monthly fees.

The apps include 3 :

1. Simple cloud based autoresponder to allow you to get started with the wildly profitable email marketing business model. Features include the ability to upload their customer lists via .csv, send out unlimited email newsletters
2. The Geminii email marketing tool box; Increase your click rates using Timers, Scarcity Bars and Buy Buttons “Inside” your emails here
3. Squeeze page creator with 2 customizable templates fully hosted by us with the option to download all leads generated.get it for you now

Training by zeeshan will show you how each individual app works and Jono will show you how all of the apps fit together and how to start driving traffic to your pages using Bing ads.

Video review for Front End only

Text From This video

hey what’s going on every person it’s Jonah – Jonah – so my calm welcome to my gemini examine currently i’m here inside of the control panel of gemini during this video clip i’m gon na provide you a full trial and a complete run for precisely what this isn’t just how it works now essentially gemini is really my very own product alright so maintain enjoying this review as i pretty much assure that nobody will be able to assess this along with me since this is my very own item which i’ve created now i simply want to quickly talk about the reasons why I placed Jem and I together to start with because I know that email advertising is the greatest type of ROI roi advertising

that there is available it’s so leverageable and also I recognize that once you start developing your checklist after that you can make a ton of money and also I’m just mosting likely to reveal you several of my accounts today so I can prove to you that you can make a ton of money from e-mail advertising and marketing because Gemini is properly a three-in-one email advertising platform that comes with training to show you just how to do every one of this so this is my warrior this is one of my warrior plus accounts you can see at John o 216 I recognize you can see 71 thousand bucks in the past thirty days if I go to the previous year inside of this account you can see the total amount that I’ve taken out is 1.2 million bucks this is over the past year so you can see my background inside of here as well as it only really begins you can see there’s a couple from 2017 right as well as they resemble eighty two dollars 5 hundred sixty 2 bucks absolutely nothing that amazing there’s one withdrawal in 2018 for

4 hundred thirty two bucks the remainder starts from here 2019 January and also you can see withdrawals been available in five thousand five thousand 10 thousand a hundred thousand three times right there 20,000 20,000 20,000 so this has actually all really been over the past probably year as well as a bit and also this is simply one account as well and this is all from email marketing now if I enter into among my other accounts today I’m gon na show you that there’s additionally a lots of money in there too and also this is all originated from email marketing too so if I go to my other account which is John Armstrong you’re gon na see the control panel below once again hon in the past thirty days you understand 131 thousand bucks past one month okay it’s not a very long size of time as well as this is once again all from email marketing now I’m disappointing you this stuff to boast I’m revealing you due to the fact that I desire you to see that this is all from email advertising and marketing now I have various other accounts also I can show you an additional one right now yet I do not desire you to obtain burnt out of me revealing you within my accounts but I’m just trying to prove a factor below alright inside of my jvzoo account this is an additional account I utilize occasionally for promos yet if I most likely to alright let me most likely to my jvzoo pay account due to the fact that this is cash that I’ve obtained over the past year too you can see there’s a further 123,000 over the past year so pretty crazy and this is all from e-mail marketing and also what I’m trying to state is this is the reason that I’ve placed Gemini together because I understand that there are a great deal of shiny things available which will probably say okay you can generate income from this you can make money from

that by pushing this button you undergo – tick tock or Instagram as well as you do this which those are just gon na make you probably 10 or 15 dollars here and there the big cash is accumulating an email checklist as well as I recognize that and all of my marketing close friends understand that and also you can go and ask any type of big online marketer around just how to make money online they’re gon na tell you developing an e-mail list is the most effective type of advertising and marketing out there to make sure that is why I put Jem and I together as well as Gemini if I enter into the participants area below fine first off it contains training that I have actually created below which is basically mosting likely to reveal you just how to develop your checklist as well as how to do a project through e-mail list advertising and marketing and I have actually additionally obtained some website traffic sources in here also and then we get into the software program now the software program is a three-part software application and also I can show you I have actually also got some bonus offers but I’ll talk to them I’ll talk with you about them in the future I simply intend to show you Gemini first so first off we’ve obtained this software application collection which I’ve assembled and like I said it includes 3 different software programs however these are 3 necessary software’s that you’re gon na require if you want to achieve success at checklist marketing firstly you have actually got an autoresponder and also I make sure you’ve heard I make certain you most likely know what an autoresponder is basically it allows you to blow up out newsletters to a bank of emails which you gather fine which is called an email list fine that’s what it’s called list marketing okay you build up this e-mail listing of customers in the training fine in the training this is where I reveal you exactly how to start accumulating this e-mail list of customers as well as just how to begin sending out emails using this autoresponder application so if I go into this application this is remember this is just one of the software program’s that are inside of Gemini this actually integrates with it’s called an smtp currently this smtp that we’re using is one which is called mail weapon and this is an excellent smtp to utilize this basically means that you were that this is the manner in which you are able to send these e-mails essentially it’s.

using what’s called an smtp server i do not understand what smtp represents probably you do if you do leave it in the comments down below however it’s essentially a server which permits you to send out mass e-mails so the one that we utilize in well the one that we’re incorporating this with below is called mail gun reason that we’re doing this is because take a look mail gun has a totally free plan where you can send 5,000 e-mails monthly for 3 months and after that it goes on to what’s called pay-as-you-go currently also when it’s on pay as you go you’re just gon na be paying 80 cents per thousand e-mails that you send this is actually really low-cost and also this is another reason we have actually made gemini incorporate with mail gun because if you don’t do this you’re gon na be spending a lot of cash on an autoresponder each and every single month as well as this is a blunder that I made when I initially got started and also now I’m kind of secured into this is my obtain action account right I am paying.

454 extra pounds these are British pounds every single month for this now 454 British extra pounds if you convert that right into US bucks it’s 5 hundred and sixty bucks every month right this is a lot of cash to spend currently I can pay for to spend this money due to the fact that I’m making a lot of money however if you’re simply beginning there’s no other way that I might afford to invest that much on an autoresponder every single month which is another reason we’ve put gemini together so we’re offering you this altar -responder it’s just gon na cost you twenty seven bucks appropriate which’s an one-time cost otherwise you’re taking a look at paying a month-to-month cost to entrance to get reaction or aweber or mailchimp it’s gon na cost you a monthly charge Gemini is not and also it’s incorporating with mailgun which is a truly great smtp it’s gon na get your emails provided equally as excellent as any of these various other autoresponders like obtain reaction on aweber right so primarily once you’ve included you what you have actually linked this up with mailgun which is very simple and this training inside the front end which is mosting likely to reveal you just how to set every one of this up okay you would certainly then enter and start to produce a project which you can do conveniently within the campaign section of the r2 -responder you simply name your project something this is mosting likely to be your subject line for your e-mail this is gon na be a pre header and afterwards you go and also pick the list that you desire this to send out to you choose your SMTP and afterwards you click on continue to email home builder currently you can see right here this is an extremely robust autoresponder which is gon na enable you to call this list that you build up and it’s really easy to use too it’s all drag-and-drop it’s even much better than my obtain reaction account is easier to make use of so you’ve got heading right below you can put a heading in there you can place a page header in the top if you want you can put your paragraphs in here ideal you can place HTML stuff within right here also okay you can put media within below so if you want to place a video inside your email you can do that right there fine you can also place various other stuff in below like social web links you can place switches inside right here also alright so extremely really easy to use very easy to use and afterwards you would send out that email now the various other aspects that we have within Gemini.

Geminii OTO

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