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ConversioWidgets OTO – There Is One front End And Four OTOs Options , The OTO1 Is the ConversioBot , OTO2 Is The DFY , OTO3 is The  Extrem Version , OTO4 Is The  Agency Version . All Links And Details Bellow

ConversioWidgets FE=>>ConversioWidgets FE

OTO1 ConversioBot Pro=>>ConversioWidgets OTO1

OTO2 DFY =>>ConversioWidgets OTO2

OTO3 Extrem Version=>>ConversioWidgets OTO3

OTO4 Agency Version=>>ConversioWidgets OTO4

OTO1 :ConversioBot

Key Features & Benefits:

100% Newbie-Friendly Cloud-Based Web App
First Of A Kind “AI” Tech Creates Chatbot Widgets For Your Website
Choose From Range of Done-For-You “AI” Chat Templates
Use The Drag & Drop Builder To Create A Custom Bot Widget In Minutes
Create Unlimited Bot Widgets
Multi-Site License
Let The Bot Build A List For You
Fully Integrated With Major Autoresponder Services
No Tech Skills Required
Step By Step Video Training Included
Easy-To-Understand Analytics To Assess And Optimize Bot Performance
Exploit Commercial License To Sell Bots


Key Features & Benefits:

75 Done-For-You Chatbot widgets which cover a wide range of categories and businesses.
They have immense value and have taken considerable time to build.
All of them can easily be cutomized with our drag and drop builder.
Commercial License to sell any of our Bot widgets.
Three, new templates each month (without paying monthly fees).
Unlock VIP training content

OTO3 :Extrem Version

Key Features & Benefits:

This allows the customer to create a variety of different Bot widgets designed to increase engagement with their website visitors
A traditional chatbot app is simply a widget on a page, often located on the bottom right hand-side
However with this upgrade they can easily create “full page” Bots by simply checking a box.
“Full page” Bots are highly effective as they virtually force the visitor to engage with no other distractions.
They can also embed Bots within content.
They’re able to put their Bots on delay so that they don’t appear immediately on their website
They can also use intelligent exit Bots instead of using traditional exit popups

OTO4 :Agency Version

Key Features & Benefits:

A Multi-User License allowing the customer to automate & outsource to their team or freelancers
They can create up to 20 sub-user accounts for clients or their team
Step-by-step video training on how to outsource effectively
Step-by-step video training on where to sell their widget Bots for $200 – $500+ each
Done-For-You sales templates they can copy & paste to make selling simple
Done-For-You Agency Website with stunning design and ready-made portfolio of widget Bots which they can customize

What Is The ConversioWidgets ?

ConversioWidgets is a cloud-based “AI” software which uses a variety of widgets to increase sales, leads and conversions.

It’s designed to increase the conversions of almost any website.

Affiliate Review Sites
List-Building Pages
Bonus Pages
WordPress Blogs
Sales Letters
eCommerce Websites
Local Business Sites
Webinar Registration Pages
Consultancy Websites
Freelance Websites

Almost ANY Website you can think of.

It exploits the new principle of “nudge marketing”.

“Nudge marketing” exploits three powerful principles of buyer psychology:

– scarcity

– urgency

– and the fear of missing out.

Sites like send intelligent “nudge notifications” to their visitors.

They use real website data and AI to send these notifications at the perfect time.

They grab their visitors’ attention and smartly “nudge” them into action.

Over the last two years we’ve developed 17 different widgets including:

a widget to automatically convert your returning visitors
a widget to identify and automatically convert “hot” visitors (through our AI algorithm) into leads, email subscribers or sales
a widget to automatically convert your most engaged visitors (based on a number of factors)
widgets to increase your conversions through geo-targeting
social proof widgets which displays your recent buyers or action-takers.
our special “Blog widget” to blog directly into any website! (Perfect for anyone with multiple websites who wants to generate free traffic between their sites)
a widget which identifies your visitor’s operating device and confirms compatibility with your product or service
a widget which adds a customizable “hello bar” to your website (useful for notifications or sending traffic to another page or site)
and many more!

It’s extremely user friendly and anyone can get started with ConversioWidgets on their Website in three simple steps:

Just check a box to select one or more of our 17 widgets (Step 1).

Then click to generate the widget code (Step 2).

And finally copy and paste the code on your Website (Step 3).

Any customization of certain widgets (for example adding a buy link to an offer, changing the design or adding custom text) can be done very easily.

ConversioWidgets comes with a full commercial license allowing the customer to sell our widgets and keep all the profit.

The best angle to position this to your subscribers is:

– get more leads, sales and bookings from your website

– build an email list faster

– generate free traffic (aimed at customers with multiple websites)


Drive more Leads and more Sales on almost ANY Website just by copying ONE line of code
“AI” Widget Technology
17 done-for-you widgets in total!
Exploits a new concept known as “nudge marketing”
100% Newbie-friendly
Works with WordPress, ClickFunnels, Leadpages, Shopify, JVZoo, ClickBank and hundreds of other programs
Multi-Site License so you can install it on unlimited Websites
Customize the design and content of your widgets in a few clicks
Microsoft Cloud-based software with 99.99% uptime
Step-By-Step training videos to walk you through everything
Dedicated Support
Full Commercial License





See This Review For Front End To Knew More






how easy it is to get started with
conversion widgets in under five minutes
so let’s dive straight into the demo
welcome here to the dashboard you have
got a choice of 17 different widgets to
add to your site so we have a look at a
few of them here’s a widget to
automatically convert your returning
visitors this widget below here
identifies and automatically converts
hot visitors so our algorithm Flags a
hot visitor as highly likely to buy from
you or become your next lead or email
subscriber now down here is a widget to
automatically convert your most engaged
visitors so these are people who spend a
certain amount of time on your site if
you’re a seller you can automatically
convert these engage visitors with a
coupon and below this we also have
widgets to increase your conversions
through geo targeting now if I scroll
further back up the page here’s a social
proof widget which displays your recent
buyers or action takers this could be a
buyer of subscriber to your email list
or a new lead filling out your form it’s
social proof that real people are taking
action on your site it taps into
something marketers call FOMO the fear
of missing out it’s very powerful which
is why we have two social proof widgets
the first one shows visits or
conversions you’ve recently received and
another shows your latest buyers or list
subscribers or any kind of action takers
they’re both extremely powerful so why
not run them together so for example
widget one you could have this appear at
30 seconds on the left hand side and
widget two appears at two minutes on the
right it’s possible
in fact recommended to combine all 17
widgets like this for maximum results
okay so let’s keep moving here’s our top
secret or once top secret but soon to be
infamous blog widget this allows you to
blog directly into any website yet
that’s blog directly into any website
simply log in and add URLs you want to
share they could be your website certain
pages on your
or even affiliate links that appear as
clickable pop-up on any website you add
the code to you can add or blog as many
websites pages or links as you like and
the URLs you share automatically change
whenever you post just like a blog the
freshness of this widget allows us to
bounce free traffic around our network
so that one visitor can turn into two
three even five clicks anyone with
multiple sites needs this widget and
there’s more so the next widget down
here identifies your visitors operating
device it confirms your product or
will work on their device then if we go
back up to the top here where is it this
widget here adds a customizable hello
bar to our website it’s useful for

notifications or sending traffic to
another page then this widget as a
cookie pop-up which is useful for anyone
who isn’t yet gdpr compliant so I think
you get the idea we’ve got a wide range
of widgets for affiliates product
sellers service providers bloggers
freelancers consultants and more anyone
who needs leads subscribers clients
bookings or sales anyone who wants to
automatically increase their conversions
anyone who wants to use 20/21 technology
today now let me show you how easy it is
to set up one or more of our widgets on
your site so let’s use one of our
e-commerce sites as an example but let’s
start at the clock and see how long this
is going to see how long is it going to
take okay three two one let’s go so
let’s select a widget we’ll call it
ecommerce demo for the purposes of this
and I think what we’re going to do is
try let’s try the repeat visitor widget
this one’s great we discovered that
ninety seven point three percent of our
visitors left our site without taking
action but so many of them returned to
our sites later so we’re targeting these
repeat visitors with this particular
widget okay so let’s keep the conversion
of widgets logo on the bottom left on
the bottom right sorry um
alright so let’s go on to the next stage
now and here we can select how many
times a visitor must have been on
your sight before they see the nahji
notification so let’s choose to so they
just need to return to your site once
and they’ll see the notification so okay
for this example we’re going to convert
the repeat visitors by giving them a
coupon so right here is where we fill
out the coupon information so to start
with let’s use the code 10 off for a 10%
discount and then for text let’s just
put 10% discount and then in here I’m
going to add a Clickbank order link for
our product and then the time appears
let’s choose five seconds and then here
you can change the color of the button
and the text in your widget but I’m
gonna leave these colors as they are for
and then okay so the next step is to
copy and paste the code onto our site
it’s so simple and it works on any site
so as I go into the backend let’s paste
it near the top in the header I’m right
in there and that’s literally it so I’m
going to save that and then go to our
site and what I’m going to do is now
refresh the page so our widget code
identifies me as a repeat visitor and in
exactly five seconds you should see the
nudge notification appear and there you
go so here is a coupon which only a
repeat visitor will see
so let’s now stop the clock and see how
long that took I just need to drag that
in we stopped that so only two minutes
and four seconds how fast and how easy
was that and that is just one widget
remember there are 16 others that you
can use to deliver intelligent nudge
notifications now I really recommend the
hot buyer widget that’s where our AI
algorithm comes into its own and it
identifies your most likely buyers or
action takers you’ll be shocked at the
results we’ve added 5155 sales to our
Clickbank account in just two months
with conversion Wizards we’ve also
increased our conversion rates by a
hundred and forty seven percent in just
twenty two hours it really is an igloo

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